We’ve found the best and the brightest students.
It’s your turn to hire them.

Career experiences such as internships and cooperatives can make a significant difference in successfully attracting students to power and energy engineering careers. Your company can support the IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative by providing meaningful career experience opportunities to our PES Scholars.


Search for a PES Scholar for your Position

You can contact m.tees@ieee.org with any positions you would like to make available to PES Scholars.

Have you already hired a PES Scholar? 

Tell us about it and your company could be featured on our marketing communication.

Want to do more?

In addition to adding career experience opportunities, your company can encourage more undergraduate students to pursue power and energy engineering careers by:

  • Urging your company’s engineers to serve as mentors
  • Offering to sponsor capstone projects for seniors
  • Making presentations at universities about power engineering career opportunities
  • Facilitating field trip opportunities to your company
  • Participating in career fairs for students
  • Visiting faculty and department chairs to discuss collaborating in student education, addressing workforce needs, and increasing student interest in power engineering