The Hoveida Family Foundation is encouraging engineers to focus on the power and energy industry, which is facing challenges such as making renewable energy sources cost effective and stepping into the shoes of retiring engineers. One way to address this challenge is to recognize new talent, and this scholarship celebrates the following individuals as promising engineers in the United States and in North America.  Below are the students who have been selected as Hoveida Family Foundation Scholars for the 2021-22 academic year.

First Name Last name School Grad Year
Margot Adam University of Washington 2023
Sarah Aman South Dakota State University 2024
Hope Anderson University of Kentucky 2023
Joey Arnold Drexel University 2022
Benjamin Brooks University of Maine 2023
Abraham Canafe California State University Sacramento 2022
Jack Carnovale University of Pittsburgh 2023
Patrick Connor University of Pittsburgh 2022
Sunay Dagli University of California – Berkeley 2023
Eric Eltringham New Jersey Institute of Technology 2022
Joseph Eversole Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2022
Amanda Jackson University of California – Berkeley 2022
Maverick Lawson University of Tennessee Chattanooga 2022
Carter Leatherman University of Pittsburgh 2023
Aviva Levin Arizona State University 2023
Trevor Liu University of Texas at Austin 2022
Todd Marzec University of Pittsburgh 2022
Chad Mashburn Arizona State University 2023
Marie Ouedraogo University of Nebraska 2023
Steven Poore University of Kentucky 2023
Jairo Ramirez Torres Arizona State University 2022
Jonathan Ross Drexel University 2022
Kevin Russell University of Idaho 2022
Ammed Saavedra University of Colorado at Denver 2022
Maurice Sturdivant University of Pittsburgh 2022
Jocelyn Tillman South Dakota State University 2024
Thanh Tran University of Missouri – Kansas City 2023
Tanner Unruh Bradley University 2024
Stanton Weaver John Brown University 2022
Shannon Woolfolk Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2022
Veronica Yealy University of South Florida 2022
Abi Young University of Connecticut 2023
Steven Zoubroulis New Jersey Institute of Technology 2023