IEEE PES Italy Scholarship Award

IEEE Italy

The IEEE Italy PES Chapter has instituted the “IEEE PES Italy Scholarship Award (IPISA) Fund” with the aim of attracting bright & meritorious students to the Electrical Engineering, and in particular the power engineering, stream.

The European Union’s energy policies are driven by three main objectives: to ensure the reliable provision of energy whenever and wherever needed, to ensure that energy providers operate in a competitive environment and to achieve sustainable energy consumption.

Within this framework, a priority for Italy is to reinforce sustainable growth and the power and energy sector has a fundamental role to play: achieving a more competitive and sustainable energy is indeed one of the most significant challenges for Italy’s future .

Electrical engineers are called to assess the feasibility of different solutions, to design plants ensuring maximum efficiency, to design algorithms and control logic so that the energy produced is used to the best and to make electricity networks smart. Their role is important also with regards to the e-mobility that is growing fast since electric transportation can be the solution to reduce pollution and increase efficiency and to meet EU targets. Finally, electrical engineers are expected to play a fundamental also in the improvement of industrial automation where industrial processes benefit from the use of motors and electric actuators, due their high efficiency and their reliability and accuracy.

In the light of the above, students capable of bridging the gap between academic formation and modern power industry needs represent a clear asset for modern societies having sustainability, eco-friendly power supply and circular economy as key pillars.

Within this context, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Italy PES Chapter has instituted the “IEEE PES Italy Scholarship Award (IPISA) Fund” with the aim of attracting bright & meritorious students to the Electrical Engineering, and in particular the power engineering, stream.

The student Scholarship Program has the following objectives:

  1. To attract the best talent and meritorious students to the electrical engineering stream by extending the scholarship to toppers in the pre-engineering qualifying examination and in the Laurea Degree.
  2. To give adequate opportunities to the selected students to do their internship in the core engineering companies and create an interest, so that the top ranked students graduating from the engineering colleges will opt for job opportunities in the core engineering companies.
  3. To give required exposure to the selected students by giving opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences organized by the IEEE.
  4. To provide to the most important companies of the power and energy field a privileged channel to skilled and brilliant students in a perspective of future job cooperation.
The PES Scholarship Plus Initiative provides scholarships and real world experience to undergraduates who are interested in power and energy engineering careers. Power and energy engineers work with some of today’s most exciting technologies, developing solutions to problems that affect our lives and lifestyles.  Individuals can apply if they are:
  1. Enrolled in last year of Master Degree with a focus in Power & Energy from an Italian University
  2. They are interested in an Internship within a Company to develop the Master thesis
  3. They are an active IEEE student member

Three Scholarship funds will be distributed via checks made out to the awardees from the Italian IEEE Section.  Each recipient receives EU2,000 with funding being provided from the IEEE Foundation  – PES Scholarship Plus Fund (Region 8) and Terna and Schneider Electric.

Elibility – To apply for a scholarship, students must comply with the following conditions:

  • express a willingness to consider a career in power and energy engineering
  • agree to the conditions for renewal of award after the first year
  • is currently enrolled in a university within Italy
  • is working on an electrical engineering master of science degree as a full-time student at an “engineering accredited” university in the present academic year
  • is enrolled in an university that offers the Bachelor of Science Degree and the Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering or presents courses with curriculum that substantively covers the list of typical power engineering subjects
  • have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 70% at the student’s current education institution.

Application Period – 14 November 2021

2017 Recipients

  • Alessio Durante – Politecnico di Milano
  • Andrea Ianniciello – University of Naples Federico II
  • Davide Cittani – Politecnico di Torino

2019 Recipients

  • Leandro Parla – University of Catania
  • Giuseppe Penniello – Politecnico Di Milano
  • Amirabbas Mehrafshan – Politecnico Di Milano