A devoted member of IEEE since 1980, Anne-Marie Sahazizian, P.Eng., Life Senior Member, enjoyed a renowned career as an electrical engineer at Ontario Hydro and Hydro One in Canada; she was also an active member of IEEE’s Toronto Section as well as the IEEE Standards Association, Standards Board, and Charles Proteus Steinmetz Award Committee and received the IEEE Standards Medallion “for major contributions to the development of standards” in 2012. Though she passed in September 2019, her proud legacy will live on thanks to her family’s creation of the “Anne-Marie Sahazizian Scholarship Fund.”

Established by Sahazizian’s children through their generous donation to IEEE’s Power & Energy Society (PES) Scholarship Plus Initiative, the Anne-Marie Sahazizian Scholarship Fund aims to celebrate Anne-Marie’s outstanding contributions to the field and passion for supporting the next generation by increasing the number of well-qualified, entry-level engineers in the power and energy industry. Beginning with the 2020/21 cycle, Sahazizian Scholars will be selected with preference given to qualified female applicants. Only Scholars who have already been selected as recipients of the IEEE PES Scholarship are eligible to be considered for this recognition; recipients have the opportunity to receive up to three years of funding to help develop their careers and augment their ability to lead in Anne-Marie’s name.


Year Selected First Name Last name Region School Grad Year
2020 Sharon Lin 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2021
2020 Gillian Holman 2 Miami University 2021
2020 Maisha Nasim 7 University of Saskatchewan 2021
2020 Samia Sami 7 University of Saskatchewan 2021
2020 Sabrina Helbig 2 Univrsity of Pittsburgh 2020
2020-2021 Joseph Villani 1 Stevens Institute of Technology 2022
2021-2022 Kaylee Hatfield 2 Gannon University 2023
2021 Marina Chamsi 7 McGill University 2022
2021 Jasper Rubin 7 Memorial University 2023
2021 Valetina Ribeiro 1 Northeastern University 2023
2021-2022 Matthew Smeal 2 University of Cincinnati 2024
2022 Renee Boisvert 3 North Carolina State University 2025
2022 Anya Bond 5 University of Missouri – Kansas City 2023
2022 Megan Dion 1 Stevens Institute of Technology 2025
2022 Clinton Gaudet 7 British Columbia Institute of Technology 2023
2022 Rosalie Houle 7 Université de Sherbrooke 2022
2022 Conor Hyra-Woodman 7 British Columbia Institute of Technology 2025
2022 Jacqueline Le Feuvre 7 University of Western Ontario 2023
2022 Jemma Mallia 1 Syracuse University 2023
2022 Mary Peterson 5 Wichita State University 2024
2022 Juliana Wallgren 2 Drexel University 2023